Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the most common questions.


You can find a gallery of app demos here.
AppOnboard Studio enables anyone to bring their ideas to life by creating app demos.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to: We would love your feedback and are here to help!
AppOnboard Studio also transforms complex apps and games into lightweight, native app experiences without the need of code or engineering resources.
Publishing your app demo to app stores and social platforms is a great way to promote your completed app demo! Check out how top developers have promoted their games and apps.
There are three easy steps to building an app demo with AppOnboard Studio: Import your artwork, build your app demo and publish & promote your app demo.
AppOnboard Studio removes the barrier to entry for app development, enabling you to create an app demo without a single line of code! All you need is artwork!
You can sign up for our waitlist here to request early access to AppOnboard Studio.
No, you don’t! You just need your artwork and an idea.

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