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Before the Download

Instead of paying boat loads of cash before you launch your app, A/B test your tutorial with our soft-launch platform.

Highest Quality Ad Units

Our patent-pending technology enables mobile apps to be experienced in full fidelity, authentic to the real experience of the app, without downloading the app itself.

Next-Gen Analytics

For the first time in mobile, our patent-pending next generation visual analytics allow developers to see where on the screen users are interacting with their app.

Industry-First Patent-Pending Chronological Heatmaps

AppOnboard is the first download-less app platform to provide high fidelity content optimization with next generation analytics featuring chronological heat maps. Go beyond playable ads with tutorial and A/B content testing and optimization, with fraud prevention built-in.

Play back aggregate user touch data and analyze interactions, providing never-before-seen visual context and frame-by-frame heatmaps to provide full color to your user interaction data.

Why Integrate AppOnboard?

Highest quality playable ads in mobile + Actionable heatmap analytics for advertisers +
PPP (Premium Private Platform) = Maximum revenue to premium hand-vetted publishers

Easy Integration for iOS & Unity Platforms

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Our publisher network is an invite-only Premium Private Platform made up of premium hand-vetted app publishers in order to maximize revenue and quality.

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